Girls who made a difference…

madonna-1-woman-collage              Today I came to think about women, from how they think to how they act, they have always been considered, by the male gender anyway, an all-time mystery, an enigma yet to be discovered but nonetheless a preview to Paradise.
Still, this idea that women are by definition delicate and fragile, with major intolerance to harsh life challenges has been placing girls in front of the stove, mixing blissfully into a pot of tomato soup.
Below I present to you girls who have rebelled against their times and made a difference into the pages of “women”-kind:

1. The cave woman.

The female fight for equality first began when a woman left the cave, looked around and said: “Hey, this isn’t so hard”. From that moment on, the powerful women would have done nothing but wonders.. the mammoths got extinct, the prehistorically crimes were over, and I even dare to imagine that there was a path of flowers on the entrance of the cave.

2. Mary Read.
In other words, the pirate-woman. She was the first woman to ever get on a boat rather than for just pleasing the captain, and she did it in the most elegant way: dressed as a man. The story says she was playing the role of her passed-away brother, after she worked as a fighter in the army, and did other cool stuff that only man where able to do at that time. For the whole story of this amazing lady you can read Mireille Calmel’s book.

3. Joan of Arc1858971,aT_FNvNOxUOSJfpeuB1ThsoAN_OUVLuQBRikkPYB_KrLUiAqkAXxkJMsmuoJYNQHtGeAMcKK97fbpLbH+rGI6g==
               The warrier. Born from a peasant family, she got into the war because it was her belief that God was speaking to her, telling her it’s the right thing to do. She was brave, capable of accomplishing missions not even a man had the guts to. I guess we can compare her to the female version of James Bond today, but that it is what got her killed. She was captured by the enemy side and burned alive; 25 years after her execution a court examined her trial, and Joan of Arc was declared innocent.

4. Emily Dickenson
               The poet. The girl was able to study writing and reading at an advanced level in the 19th century because she was born in a rich household. But her only story becomes strange when she dies, what a paradox, right? She was known her whole life as an introvert with a solitary life, but when she died her relatives found pages and pages of manuscript, an entire collection of stunning poetry. And the lesson here is learned from her mistake: be brave and assume your actions, they might actually be very astonishing.

5. Coco Chanel
                The designer. In a world saturated with muffin like dresses, crinolines, oversized jewels, and multicolored patterns, this girl strikes in and becomes the first ever recorded woman wearing pants in public. “Ahhh… what a disgrace!” they might have said; but you gotta love her response: “I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”


“You live but once; you might as well be amusing.”

                 The girl is an inspiration to me, and when I found out we have the same birthday, I almost screamed 🙂 . For more details about her life before she was a “couturier” you can watch the “Coco avant Chanel” movie.


“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength”

6. Oprah
I know, I know… But what is anything without something? And she has the “O” factor. Apart from her utter genius in the television area, I was mostly surprised by the early life story. Her traumatic childhood gave her power to break through all of it and become the most influential women in the world.  So I’ve heard, to me.. it’s still my mom.

There are many many other legendary women that made a difference in the world, with their ideas, principles or scientific discoveries, to them all I say: respect!



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